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Board Of Directors

Our board is made up of volunteer producers from the 5 counties we serve, we also have 4 County Councillors from: Paintearth County, Stettler County, Flagstaff County and Beaver County.

Board Chair: Blair Kuefler

Vice Chair: Doreen Blumhagen (County of Paintearth Rep)

Treasurer: Steven Vincett

Secretary: Alisa Donnelly


Dale Pederson - (Beaver County Rep)

Dave Grover - (Stettler County Rep)

Melvin Thompson - (Flagstaff County Rep)

Rob Sommerville - ARECA Rep

Colin Wager

Ryan Hallett - (Stettler County Asst. Ag Field-man)

Brent Christensen

Henry Michielson

Ed Lefsrud

L to R - (Back Row) - Dave Grover, Steven Vincett, Elgar Grinde, Henry Michielson, Blair Kuefler

(Front Row) - Rob Sommerville, Melvin Thompson, Doreen Blumhagen, Dale Pederson, Brent Christensen, Ryan Hallett

Missing: Colin Wager, Ed Lefsrud, Alisa Donnelly