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Partnership for

On-farm Research

Come to us with your research idea and we will help you to make it real
"BRRG support our producers and believe on farm" - Led Research
Image by Riccardo Annandale

To be BRRG partner you need to be:

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Wheat (1).png

An innovative, progressive Producers

Member of BRRG

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Residence of our partner counties

What you need to do?

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Step 1: You just come to us with your idea and work plan. We will discuss with the board members to get approval.

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Step 2: After board approval, BRRG will work with you to prepare and submit a technical funding application to get financial support.

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Step 3: After approval of the Funding application, BRRG provides you technical and professional support to collect, compile and publish your data.

What happened if you did not get funding?

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You can hire our staff to continue to get technical and professional support for on farm research.

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