Crop Research

  1.  Effects of biostimulant on wheat, canola & peas growth, and yield.

  2. Interaction of seed size and depth on canola growth and yield.

  3. Difference between ultra-early seeding date on yield and quality of two spring wheat varieties. 

  4. Winter wheat variety testing trial.

  5. Effect of different inoculants on field peas growth and yield.

  6. Effects of phosphorus rates on growth and yield of field peas.

  7. Effect of foliar micronutrient on the growth of peas, barley, wheat, and canola.

  8. Impact of PGR and different sources and rates of phosphorus on growth and yield of spring wheat and canola.

  9. Comparison of variable nitrogen rate, N sources, and  N application methods on soil nutrient status.

  10. Managing malt genetics for feed end-use: increasing barley profitability by challenging traditional end-use boundaries.

  11. Eleven regional variety testing trials including; wheat, Barley, Oat, Peas, Lentils, soybean,  faba, and flex varieties.


  1.  Alternative silages.

  2. The adaptability of grasses, legumes, and their mixtures. perennial forages in Alberta

  3. Six regional silage varieties testing trials. 

  4. Rancher researcher enhancing technology adoption project.

Enviornment/Pest Monitoring

1. Soil carbon sampling and testing.

2.  Soil health benchmark.  

3. Environment Farm Plan.

  We set up traps for Diamondback moth and Bertha Armyworm at different places in east-central  Alberta for pest monitoring

Extension Events

1. BRRG field Day  

2. Virtual  crop walks  Galahad cereal, pulses  and canola site,  June 24-26, 2020

3. BRRG  summer newsletter July 2020 

4. BRRG webinar series April, July, October 2020.

5. Digital annual report 2019-2020 (January 2021)

6. BRRG  winter newsletter January  2021 

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