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Wheat Field

Our Producers

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

WHAT Producers SAY

"Innovation and adoption start with the testing of new technologies and management practices on a farm. Therefore, Battle River Research Group and Vincett Brothers Farm are working collaboratively to study the impact of topography on various wheat varieties, which is an RDAR-funded project. GIS maps, drone imagery, and sensor technology will be used to identify the real-time plant stress that enables producers to make informed decisions on their farming operations. Since I studied GIS in Lethbridge University, it's my passion and I am happy to work with the producer-led research group." -Steven, Forestburg, AB producer

"The list of adoptive projects completed by the Battle River Research Group is enormous, zero till, herbicide and fungicide applications, direct seeding, agronomic studies, pasture rejuvenation, grazing studies, various crop testing, crop rotations, and many more. Every year, the group runs a pest monitoring program in the region, to locate, identify, and rank the severity of disease and pest infestations. The program enables me to plan seed treatments, insecticides, and fungicides sprays for my grain farm operations." -Blair , Forestburg, AB producer

"Over three-decade, Battle River Research Group has demonstrated and tested various management practices, and technologies to increase the profitability of forage, and livestock producers in the region. Every year, I bring some feed samples to them for testing their feed quality and make some recommendations. The organization is very helpful; they are not only facilitating the lab testing for me but at the same time connecting me with feed and beef specialists. The service is helping me to develop an appropriate ration that meets the nutritional needs of my beef cattle." -Rodney , Kelsey, AB producer

"I have been involved with the group for a long time, always attending their field days, crop walks, webinars, and extension events. Recently, I participated in a BRRG collaborative project entitled “Rancher Researcher Enhancing Technology Adoption Project”. I like the idea of providing a framework for enhancing the adoption of recent innovations related to the management of cow/calf operations. I and my wife were interviewed by BRRG staff, who provided us with insight to select the appropriate technologies for my livestock operation to maximize the return on investment. I would say, an innovation, try it slowly, try different things by getting that knowledge by reading, and getting involved with producer-led groups like Battle River Research Group." -Melvin , Killam, AB producer

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